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Name of collection Department Date ceased
Abuse of Vulnerable Adults (AVA) return DH/HSCIC 2010-15
Access to services by public transport, walking and cycling DfT 2010-15
Achievement in meeting standards for the control system for animal health (self assessment tool used as data collection) DEFRA 2010-15
Adoption data set and adoption self-assessment DfE/Ofsted 2015-19
Adult Social Care Combined Activity Return (ASCCAR) DH/HSCIC 2010-15
Air quality - NOx and primary PM10 emissions through local authority's estate and operations DEFRA 2010-15
Animal Movement Licensing System (AMLS) DEFRA 2010-15
Annual Financial Information return EC 2010-15
Annual Monitoring Reports (local development framework) DCLG 2010-15
Business Improvement Districts (BID) Revenue Account DCLG 2010-15
Business Improvement Districts Outturn (BIDO) DCLG 2010-15
Capital forecast return (CFR) DCLG 2010-15
Capturing Regulatory Information on a Local Level (CRILL) DH (CQC) 2010-15
Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) DfE 2010-15
Childcare inspection data DfE/Ofsted 2015-19
Child-level data on the reason a two-year old is being funded for an early education place DfE 2015-19
Children's Centres and other parts of the Early Intervention Grant DfE 2010-15
Civil Parking Enforcement Survey DfT 2010-15
Cleanliness National Indicator DEFRA 2010-15
Collation of KT31 annual contraception data return DH/PHE 2010-15
Congestion: average journey time per mile during the morning peak DfT 2010-15
Congestion monitoring DfT 2010-15
County Matters Planning Fees statistical returns (FEE 2) DCLG 2010-15
Diploma Funding (forecasts and take-up) DfE 2010-15
Disabled Facilities Grant DCLG 2010-15
Education Business Partnership Services (EBPS) DfE/YPLA 2010-15
Electoral administration plans EC 2010-15
Electoral Registration supporting data EC 2010-15
Ethnic composition of offenders on Youth Justice System disposals YJB/MOJ 2010-15
Extending the Two Year Old Pilot DfE 2010-15
Fee Collection Salary Deduction Process DfE/GTC 2010-15
First time entrants YJB/MOJ 2010-15
Fixed penalty notices issued for 15 low-level environmental offences DEFRA 2010-15
Flood risk management capacity DEFRA/EA 2010-15
Fly-tipping incidents (Flycapture) DEFRA 2015-19
Fraud and Corruption Survey DCLG/AC 2010-15
Fuel Poverty DECC 2010-15
Grant Funded Services (GFS1) return DH/HSCIC 2010-15
Health and Safety Prosecutions database DWP/HSE 2015-19
Housing Capital Receipts pooling - signed paper return DCLG 2010-15
Housing Monitoring (P1B) DCLG 2010-15
Housing Revenue Account Subsidy Claim form - advance final DCLG 2010-15
Housing Revenue Account Subsidy Claim form - auditor final DCLG 2010-15
Housing Revenue Account Subsidy Claim forms: second advance and base data forms DCLG 2010-15
Housing Strategy Statistical Appendix (HSSA) DCLG 2010-15
HRA Business Plan Statistical Appendix (BPSA) DCLG 2010-15
IISaM Programme benefits survey DfE 2010-15
Imports of products of animal origin from third countries DEFRA 2015-19
Incidents under the Environmental Damage Regulations 2009 removed DEFRA 2015-19
Institution level data for maintained schools converting to academy status DfE 2010-15
Local Authority activity under the homelessness provisions of the 1996 Housing Act (P1E) MHCLG 2015-19
Local authority VFM gains DCLG 2010-15
Local bus and light rail journeys originating in the authority area DfT 2010-15
LPG pipework inspection DWP/HSE 2010-15
LTP2: change in area wide traffic mileage DfT 2010-15
Missing from Care and Home DfE 2010-15
Mortgage Rescue Scheme return DCLG 2010-15
National disabled children's services parental survey DfE 2010-15
National Register of Social Housing (NROSH) DCLG/TSA 2010-15
NNDR mid-year forecast DCLG 2010-15
Partners Survey DfE 2010-15
Personal Social Services Expenditure (PSSEX1) return DH/HSCIC 2010-15
Personal Social Services Staffing (SSDS001) return DH/HSCIC 2010-15
Placement data collection DfE/Ofsted 2015-19
Place Survey Various 2010-15
Positive Activities for Young People (provision of) DfE 2010-15
"Priority" schools absence data DfE 2010-15
Private Fostering DfE 2015-19
Public Contracts Regulations 2006 DCLG 2015-19
Quarterly Return of Wages and Salaries (QRW) DCLG 2010-15
Rate of proven re-offending by young offenders YJB/MOJ 2010-15
Referrals, Assessments and Packages of care (RAP) return DH/HSCIC 2010-15
Register of deaf or hard of hearing people (SSDA910) DH/HSCIC 2010-15
Returns on individual HB related prosecutions and sanctions DWP 2015-19
School and Local Authority Target Setting (SaLTs) DfE 2010-15
Self-assessment data on Building resilience to violent extremism DCLG 2010-15
Self assessment matrices on Planning to adapt to climate change DEFRA 2010-15
Social Care Data DfE/Ofsted 2015-19
Social Care Services Self-Assessment DH (CQC) 2010-15
Special Educational Needs: new information needs arising from the Green Paper DfE 2010-15
Standards Fund monitoring DfE 2010-15
Supporting People Local System data DCLG 2010-15
Survey of business satisfaction with local authority regulation services BIS 2010-15
TellUs Survey DfE 2010-15
Tenant Satisfaction Survey (STATUS) DCLG 2010-15
Urban congestion target delivery plan DfT 2010-15
User-reported dignity or respect in their treatment DH 2010-15
Young Apprenticeships (YA) DfE/YPLA 2010-15
Young offenders engagement in suitable education, employment or training YJB/MOJ 2010-15
Young offenders in suitable accommodation YJB/MOJ 2010-15
Young people within the Youth Justice System receiving a conviction in court who are sentenced to custody YJB/MOJ 2010-15
Youth Taskforce project monitoring DfE 2010-15

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